Fiction and Other Reading

A running list of non-professional reading I’m doing.  (As my wife says, “Booorrringgg”…)

Mar 2007

Re-reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s Martian trilogy. 

Nearly finished with Stephenson’s The Confusion, 40pp before starting the last book of the Baroque Trilogy (only took me three and a half years to get this far).

Started Robert Reed’s The Well of Stars, a sequel to Marrow.  I’m on the verge of thinking that I don’t like his writing much; Marrow was pretty dry, and Sister Alice read like E.E. “Doc” Smith channeling Greg Bear.  His An Exaltation of Larks is still wonderful, however.

Feb 2007

Peter Watts, Starfish (Hard SF).  Having trouble finishing this, didn’t grab me anywhere near as hard as Blindsight.

Cobletnz and Owns, Transistors: Theory and Applications.  Published in 1995 (not a typo).  Really a nice overview, though they only get into FETs near the end.

Ian MacDonald, Terminal Cafe.  Somehow this had escaped me.  MacDonald is an excellent SF writer (even if Mysterium was really, really wacky).  I recommend his Chaga series, starting with Evolution’s Shore.


Jan 2007

Peter Watts, Blindsight (Hard SF).  Highly recommended.  Review.

Martha Wells, The Wizard Hunters (fantasy).  First in a trilogy (which is completely published now, so it’s okay to start).

Michael Lewis, Moneyball (essay).  Highly recommended.  Wikipedia entry.


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