Interim mumbling

[Still writing. Being a Dad and doing a bit of a crunch at work is taking precedence over scribbling. But here is a little piece I wrote a while back that attempts to make a (weak) connection between glowing pickles and the fundamental gulf between hardware people and software people: link]

[Well . . . and I’ve been playing Bully. Let’s just say that it’s been cathartic.]

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  1. piku says:

    Hi, I run and am enamored by this on-going story. I have 2 520’s, 2 1040’s, 3 Mega STe’s, 2 TT’s and a Falcon with an 060 proc – a bit of a collector. I definitely have always wondered about how the ST came to be. Please keep it coming.

  2. pythagoras says:

    i still love/use my atari stfm/e
    thank u for making it happen!!

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