Plus ca change, plus lah-dee-dah

Atari has a history of landing slightly used, kind of borderline execs.  Phil’s joining an org with a grand tradition, a company with a decades-long and sweeping legacy of unshakable commitment to adequacy.  Link.


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3 Responses to Plus ca change, plus lah-dee-dah

  1. David Paterson says:

    An “unshakable commitment to adequacy”? That’s a step up…

  2. landon says:

    We will try to be kind to Phil, until we find out precisely what his kink is going to be.

    Will he be a menacing crypto-tightwad? A prancing fancy techno-creep? A clueless dingle-brained closet pedobag? This has all been done (and done *so well*) that he has a hard series of acts to follow.

    We wish him well in his new endeavor. As to the poor mutts who are currently working under him, my only advice, known to Atarians for ages: “This, too, will pass, and it’s just one more to out-last.”

  3. Brad Fuller says:

    This is the “French” Atari.. no relation.
    The “real” Atari is dead.

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