Never the twain shall…

Our little boy (“No: Big! I’m a *Big* boy”):

  • Loves apple juice
  • Loves dried apples (especially the ones his grandmother makes)
  • Hates apples (“Yuck!”)

It’s ironic.  I’d like to try mixing the two to see if he’ll eat the result.  (On the other hand, pleas along the lines of “But, it’s the same stuff that bread is made of!” to get me to eat cream-of-wheat never worked, and never will).

He also claims to like Brussel Sprouts, and I am tempted to try him on that.  Who knows?


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  1. David C says:

    My daughter won’t eat “Brussel sprouts”, but on the other hand, if you put “veggie balls” in front of her, and say something like “they’re like meatballs, but made from healthy vegetables”, she’ll gobble them up.

    Then the problem arises when Mom forgets and says “finish that last Brussel sprout”, but it’s ok because she is promptly corrected: “No mommy, those aren’t Brussel sprouts, those are veggie balls”.

  2. Obe says:

    We could do a swap.
    I love fresh apples, but hate them any other way – juice, pie etc.

  3. M. Valdemar says:

    Have you tried skinning and slicing the apples? It’s possible that he doesn’t like the texture, or that biting into a whole apple is a daunting possibility, or that it hurts his teeth. Also, what is his opinion of apple sauce? 🙂

  4. Chap says:

    I have the same issue with someone in my house. Loves ketchup, can’t stand tomatoes. He’s a toddler so he can be excused, but his mom is the same way…

  5. Ha. Miles does the same thing (he’s 4), very very insistent he is *big*, not small. They want to grow up so fast. He is also adamant that in many birthdays he’ll be the tallest in the familiy, though he has a bit more patience for this.

    Caught a link to your DK blog, but thought I’d comment on this one cause it resonated with me

  6. John says:

    I too love ketchup (and tomato-based pasta sauces and cream of tomato soup), but I hate tomatoes. Ketchup manufacturers say they make 100g out of 120g of tomatoes, but it is also full of sugar, salt and vinegar. Tomatoes taste washed-out and have an horrid texture compared to bell peppers. I love bell peppers. My sister loves tomatoes, but hates bell peppers.

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