It’s ten years since the Apple Newton was officially killed.  (I’d left Apple several years before this happened).

I have to say that the follow-ons to the original MessagePad were pretty slick; I got a 2.0 Newton a few years ago, and really liked the improvements they made to it.

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  1. iDave says:

    Interesting reading about your early days with the Newton – thanks for sharing. I’m still shopping for a 2100 myself.

  2. Andrew Beals says:

    And ten years later, we get an iPod touch (or an iphone, if you must). Not the best of trades.

  3. CarlosPC says:

    Is there any emulator of the Apple Newton? I’ve read it mentioned lots of times but I never got to see one.

    Best regards!

  4. --jack says:

    Emulator? Well, sort of….
    You’ll need an original Newton ROM image to make it work, but it’s worth the effort! Brilliant hack from a brilliant engineer!

    (the iPhone has *almost* weaned me from my MP2100).

  5. Paul R. Potts says:

    Hi Landon,

    I would be very honored if you would consider contributing to the Newton project on Andy Hertzfeld’s Folklore site. See:

    Your essay on storage cards would be perfect as it is; I’m guessing you have more stories to tell about your time on the Newton project!


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