git video

A nice video on using git (Google video).  link.


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  1. Raoul Duke says:

    i hear git sucks and you should use mercurial instead 🙂

  2. landon says:

    I “get” git’s model. It looks pretty much like what I was thinking of (though way better) in the mid-90s, when I was caught between MPW Projector and Microsoft SourceSafe. I have the impression that git has some scaling problems, but it’s probably fine for middlin’ sized projects.

    And it’s (what I was told) Google uses (at least parts of it).

  3. Sitsofe says:

    I think I heard that Google uses a customised version of Perforce (I think it’s alluded to in Linus talk on git as seen on and seems to be mentioned in searches for “Google Perforce”). Their public hosting provides users with subversion – ).

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