Since I’m technically in the video game business (again, after some time at Atari in the early 80s writing cartridges), I thought I’d mention what I’m playing now.

1. Slogging through World of Warcraft.  Frankly it’s tiresome.  It’s a lot more fun playing pick-up groups with other people, but these can take hours and I don’t have the time.

2. I just finished Bioshock.  This is the best shooter I’ve played in quite some time, and the plot (yup, there’s an actual plot) is nicely put together.  The set of revelations near and at the end of the game go far, far beyond the rather anemic endings I’m used to (yes, I’m talking about you, Quake).  The “easy” setting is too easy, “normal” is pretty good, and I’ll try “difficult” next, just to see.  The Big Daddies are terrifying.  I highly recommend this title (and yes, I “saved” all of the Little Sisters).

3. Crackdown.  I get killed a lot, but it’s still a neat game.

4. Project Gotham Racing 2 (yes, 2).  Just pure racing fun.  Not too hard.  I feel like I need to have a wheel controller to play the newer driving games, and I don’t want to shell out for one (or have one around as clutter).

5. Halo 2.  With Halo 3 coming out soon I figured I might as well go through the single player campaign.  I’d probably get my rear handed to me in online play, but I can’t get it to work, so I’m in no danger there.

6. The original Legend of Zelda (on a DS Lite).  It has some warts, but it’s still got some unequalled game play left, even after (guessing:) 20 years.

7. I just started Blue Dragon.  Not real sure I like it yet, though the story and the characters are cute.  From reviews it looks like it takes a ten hour investment before things get fun, and maybe fifty hours to finish the game.  (Hour for entertainment hour, games are an incredible deal over things like movies).

I tried playing the demo of Space Giraffe, but all the swirling colors and flashing lights made me feel sick.  Literally ill; I haven’t had this happen since I played the “can’t find any direction called ‘up’ … um, urp!” game Descent II.


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3 Responses to Games

  1. Allan says:

    Those are some great games but are no comparison to Super Pac Man on the 5200. Especially the bug free version. Thank You!!!!!!!


  2. landon says:

    I guess that everybody loves bug-free games 🙂

    (I’m still proud of Super Pacman. But man, Bioshock was a ton of fun).

  3. Travis says:

    May I ask where you work now? I just found this blog via kottke and I’m loving it. Finally a guy who actually grew up with the tech industry who isn’t stuck is 1984.

    Sorry, I’m venting cause I work with those guys. I also just reached the point today where I’m almost finished rewriting the contractors code to be maintainable and correct and found out they’ll probably ship his shit anyway.

    I hate when programming is a death-march.

    /crazy rant

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