Plastic sheeted labs

Why is it that the “owners” of labs (e.g., areas filled with machine resources for groups to use, as in test farms, etc.) tend to believe that the purpose of the lab is to have the machines be kept in a pristine, available condition, rather than actually be used for the ugly, grimey work of getting stuff done?

As in: “Four machines failed last night running your tests!”

“Yup.  I’m figuring it out.  Probably early afternoon.”

“No,  FOUR MACHINES failed.  Running.  Your.  Tests.”

(I can see where this is going…)

Heavens to Murgatroyd, we’ve seen this before, in the living rooms of our friends’ houses where the furniture was covered in plastic sheets, Never To Be Used Except With an *Important* Guest.

I’ll tell you about Mr. Rippy someday…

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