State of the spam

I get a lot of blog spam.  Fortunately there are tools that make filtering out the garbage pretty painless.

Lately I’ve been getting a fair amount of attempts to post things like “I’m sorry for this” or “Sorry, this is business”, followed by the usual sea of links to pr0n sites or the usual morons trying to sell fake viagra.  I have to wonder about the abject apology at the front.  They know they’re doing a bad thing.  Yet they don’t care.

“It’s just business.”

Even the most slimy businessman I know, a fellow who would creatively not pay you in many different ways and figure that it was your fault for going into a deal with him of which you hadn’t read the fine print, wouldn’t outright lie, try to steal your personal information to (in turn) empty your bank accounts, or otherwise just plain rip you off.  That was beneath him.

Tough business I can deal with.

Lying, scamming scumbags deserve nothing but a kick in the rear, a tar and feathering, and being run out of town on a rail.

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  1. First, We Kill All The Spammers.

    Try Akismet.

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