Rules of Thumb

Some more rules of thumb:

A firm with more VPs than bathrooms is in trouble.

Computer industry kiosks always, always suck. It doesn’t matter what they’re for (demonstrating a product, letting customers do downloads, whatever), they are always broken, out of date, messy, mobbed by antisocial teenagers or covered in gum and located next to the Slightly Used Printer Paper section of the store, where cockroaches and creepy old guys rummage through bins of used crap in search of deals they can’t understand.

Similarly, computer stores that don’t actually sell anything (remember Gateway Country?) are a sign that whoever is in charge of Marketing desperately needs to have their ass canned.

The only programmers who understand multi-threaded code are the ones who continue to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat long after the product ships. “Did I remember to … ? Oh, yes, I did.”

A security system will be defeated with $200,000 of specialized equipment found only in industry labs and places like MIT. More advanced systems will be vulnerable to $20 spent on the right stuff at Radio Shack. Truly secure systems will fall to a bent bobby pin and a swift kick in the right spot.

Yes, it could be bad memory. A couple of times, it has been.

“It’s too simple to explain.”

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