Alls well that falls well

“A certain televangelist dies and goes to That Other Place –”

“Which place?”

“Hey, he gets there, to the other place, right, and everybody’s like, watching teevee –”

“What are they watching?”

“I don’t know.  24, maybe the Simpons, whatever, okay?  It doesn’t matter.  Anyway, they’re all simply glued to this gigantic teevee they have hung up on the –”

“Is this joke going to be disrespectful?”


“It’s not worth it, man.  You just come across as yet another televangelist-hating elite geek creepoid who preaches to his own choir.  There’s nothing original in that.  Why even bother?  You’re making a joke about how some evil fat bastard finally got his.  What’s your point?”

“I guess you’re right.”

“He was a pimple.  He’s gone.  He’ll be replaced by someone worse, by and by.  That’s what your joke should be about, the conniving dirtbag who’s going to take advantage of even more people and screw things up way worse than they are today.  That’s who.”

“Okay.  I’ll work on it.”

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