Floating Heads

$mike refers to most of Sean Connery’s films as “One of his better films,” because by comparison with Zardoz, the rest of them are better.  Immensely so.


Zardoz Floating Head


Here’s real life imitating art:






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  1. John N says:

    Uh, “The Avengers”? “Never Say Never Again”? “Highlander II”? (That last one’s probably not a fair comparison.) Not that I’ve ever seen “Finding Forrester”, but “you the man now, dawg” has to blow more quotable chunks than anything in Zardoz…

    But then again, I think Zardoz is one of the better sci-fi movies ever made. I know this puts me in the minority 🙂

    The gun is good. The penis is evil!

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