[note: I wrote this before reading reports that he was from Korea]

We’re going to find that he played violent video games, or that he didn’t.

We’re going to find that he read the bible, or didn’t read the bible, that he was a gun nut or that he wasn’t, that he drove a car or used a bicycle, that he was the child of married or divorced parents, or that his folks were local folks, or were overseas and either a persecuted minority or just normal people. We’ll find that he studied hard or was nearly failing classes, had had a girlfriend or didn’t or had recently broken up, that he’d been outgoing and social or was mostly quiet and reserved and spooky. We’ll find that the guns he had were either stolen or acquired perfectly legally, that the clerk who sold him the ammunition thought something was wrong or didn’t think anything at all of the transaction.

We’ll find out what he wore, what he ate, what he read, what he studied, the music that he listened to, his brand of toothpaste, his weight, his political affiliations, the church he went to, his dorm room number and the names of his roommates. We’ll know his eye color, length of hair, bank account balances and how much he owed on student loans.

We’re going to find that he used the Internet. Hell, everybody uses the Internet.

In the end, we’ll know everything that doesn’t matter, and every bit of it will be used to elevate, vilify, prove and disprove whatever people want, and it won’t mean a thing.

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