Maybe some incentive?

Another unexpected admission of guilt from a Guantanamee, this one from the Aussie Hicks after being held for only five years without due process (link).

“Ya got me fair, coppers.”

It occurred to me that maybe Congress simply needs to apply these same techniques to the “problem” folks in the Bush administration who are all simply going to take the fifth now on the Gonzales / DA firing fiasco (link).  Clearly it should be just fine to whip people off in blindfolds and smelly sacks to Nofunistan, deprive them of sleep with bad 80s rock, do laundry on their faces, and after they voluntarily sign confessions, roll them back out on some street in Washington DC where they haven’t yet cleaned up from the 60s riots.

Seems fair; I’ll write my congressman if you’ll write yours.

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