Another one bites the dust

A little over a year ago, when the Borders in Sunnyvale opened, I feared that it would affect sales at local bookstores. My fears proved correct; I found out today that the Stacey’s Books in Cupertino is closing early next year (their store in San Francisco will remain open … but that’s well over an hour away from here).

I’ve been buying books from Stacey’s for over twenty years. Their Palo Alto store closed a couple years ago, and now the last decent technical bookstore (with the exception of the Stanford bookstore) in Silicon Valley is gone. How ironic, than a center of high tech can’t support a measily technical bookstore.

[Yes, I know about Computer Guru. No, it doesn’t count.]

For several years, I made a point to buy books from Stacey’s, rather than shop online or go to one of the megachains (like Borders or — shudder — B&N). I guess that not everyone else did. Oh well….

With Stacey’s and Printer’s Inc gone, this pretty much leaves it to Kepler’s as the sole decent independent bookstore that remains. Bites.

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