Key Wrods

More keywords that I keep mis-spelling.  As my editors improve (Word auto-corrects, my Emacs clone has a spell mode) my typing is going downhill.  But compilers are as picky as ever, so my recommendations to the standards committee are –

beak.  Kind of like break.  Maybe it just pecks at it and thinks about it, maybe it just does a couple of lines.

retrun.  Think of “The Shining” and pronounce this keyword with a kind of gravelly, throaty growl (“Redrum, Redrum”).  Retrun means we’re returning a value, but we don’t necessarily feel that good about it, and maybe something bad is going to happen that’s beyond our control.

nit.  A smaller int than usual.

singed.  What happens to a value after its sign bit catches fire and halts.

unsinged.  A variable that hasn’t been thrashed to heck yet.

flout.  My number is bigger than your number.

fore.  If I liked golf [I do, but I can’t abide golfers], this is probably where I’d rather be on bad days.

wsitch.  Someplace in Britain where it rains just as much as it does here.

dooble.  Oh, just do what I mean with this declaration; make it a number or something.

(Right, you can add these with #define in C / C++.  I keep wanting to keel-haul people who add their own keywords to the language this way . . . and C++ has enough barnacles on the bottom that it’s really not a nice trip).

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  1. inactivist says:

    Back when I hacked BASIC, I used to catch myself typing “ptiny” because my left hand was offset one column to the right (ptiny->print)

  2. Richard Drysdall says:

    I’m always typing ‘fodler’ instead of folder. I like the sound of it – I wish I had fodlers.

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