At the spin doctor's

“Here is the bill. You are not going to like it.”

“Jesus! What’s this? Three hundred for –”

“That is three hundred million for advertising reinforcement, to shore up failing rhetoric.”

“Couldn’t it have gone another couple weeks? I mean, the rhetoric was still almost working. Kind of.”

“When you brought your campaign in for service, you said ‘Whatever it takes’, yes?”

“Um, yup.”

“Well, that is what was required. Please keep reading.”

“Fake polls to shore up incumbents, okay. Transportation to and from stumping sites at taxpayer expense, check. Secret jails for enemies of the people and anyone who can spot electronic vote tampering, check. Hey, what’s this one, for just a dollar?”

That was so full of holes we couldn’t do anything except remove it entirely, but you will not miss it.”

“Right, it’s not like we were using it anyway. Visa?”

“You know we deal in cash only.”

“Oh, right. Laetro, pay the man.”

“Thank you. Did you say you wanted the parts?”

“Nah. What good’s a ripped-up piece of paper?”

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