Five realizations

My five moments of clarity with C++ (after link) –

1. When I realized that not only was multiple inheritance buggy as heck, it was also a bad idea. (This was with CFront in 1988. It was bad).

2. When I realized that a lot of people use inheritance to save keystrokes, and abstraction for procrastinating about design.

3. When I realized that Koenig lookup was the kind of clever hack that one should be praised, then stuffed and mounted for.

4. When I realized that 99% of C++ programming was about memory management (the other 1% is fooling the type system into letting you do memory management).

5. When I realized that there are pieces of the language that I will never, ever use. (I think I’ve used every corner of C, with the possible exception of trigraphs, unless you count “by accident, what a stupid feature” as using a feature).

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