On the Offensive

Values training for the troops. Uh huh. link

A recent NPR segment on the forms of “Sensitivity training” required by many corporate HR departments had a bit where one woman who was interviewed said (paraphrased): “Before the training, we had a pretty decent work environment. Now we seem to go out of our way to make up offending stuff. It’s hilarious.” I’ve observed pretty much the same grunt-level attitude in the companies I’ve worked at where this kind of training is mandated; lots more offensive hallway talk, with added nervous laughter. When HR walks by, people look at their shoes.

That woman’s interview resulted in a call-in by a career HR type (“Ahv been doin’ this for twenty yeahs”), who said (sans accent): “Do you know that, by saying that, you’re opening your company up to being sued?”

So, yes, it’s all about the lawyers. I expect the troop training to be no different.

Trainer: “Don’t offend anyone!”

Troops: “Yessir!”

Trainer: “Remember to drink lots of water!”

Troops: “Yessir!”

Trainer: “And don’t lead the women and children so much!”

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