Only slightly used

I’ve picked up some miscellaneous books at garage sales, ones that I’ll probably never read and that will grace a used bookstore (or our own garage sale) at some point. Turns out that T.H. White, in addition to writing wonderful children’s fare, also wrote a series on “The Making of the Presidency” in the 60s and early 70s. Yup, Johnson, Nixon, all that. Probably required reading for Poly Sci types, I’ve barely cracked them open. I just know they were a buck for a sack of ’em, they could be fun someday, and I liked the author’s other work.

This morning my son was crawling around, dusting the floor with his jumper (sigh), when he spotted the books.

Now, he’s terribly “into” moons. He points them out at every opportunity (“Moon, moon!”) He likes us to draw circles for him, and gets upset when we vary from what he wants. We’re pretty sick of moons at this point, but he never tires.

So in mid-crawl he pointed at the spine of one of the “Presidency” books and announced, “Moon, moon!”

“No,” I said without looking closely, “That’s the Presidential Seal.”


“Hmmmm.” I walked over. The seal artwork was at the top of the book’s spine, he’d been pointing to a “moon” nearer the floor, a label with “$1” on it.

“On second thought, kid, that’s a price tag. Which is kind of the same thing, really.”

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