A Start-up Memory

It’s like 2AM. Everyone is tired. Things almost work. That sucks, because you almost get to go home, right?

“Let’s have some music,” someone says.

We’re in cubicals. The space we’re in is a top floor, nearly a loft, very airy, with good echoes. It’s dark, people are working under monitor glow. Other nights we’ve played Quake, or nerfed each other, or brought our motorcycles indoors and dared each other to start them up in the CEO’s office. Tonight is a quieter let’s-get-this-thing-done night. Tappity tap click night.

I put a CD in my player and turn the volume up high, way high, I-don’t-care-about-the-speakers high.

There’s a short pause, then the first couple of chords come out.

“Oh yeah, good choice” says the Programming God over in the next cube. And things are almost okay for maybe fourty minutes.

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