Accidents 2

Sheesh, another accident witnessed. A woman in the lane next to me was driving a brand new BMW, was following too close to the car in front of her, and was not paying attention when the cars ahead of her stopped for a left-hand turn. Last second evasive action hurt more than it helped; she probably had time to brake, her car’s ABS system would at least have reduced the collision to a light fender-bender, rather than a full-on airbag-deploying, radiator-coolant-everywhere whole-front-end crunchbang. She tried to swerve instead; stupid thrice, good thing no one was in the lane she tried to swerve into.

All lanes were blocked — no breakdown lane, no place to pull over — so I helped push the wreckage into a nearby parking lot. In the meantime the morons behind me were honking. Anyone wanna help? No (the horns seemed to say), just push the heaps to the side faster so we can move on, oh why O why are you still in the way?

No injuries.

(The accident I was next to last year was a person who made a sudden lane change without checking to see if anyone was approaching from the rear. Her car — also new — was blasted into fragments of plastic against a nearly indestructable pick-up truck. The other driver was more irked at being late than having the existing dents on his truck scratched up.

Let’s just say this: In all of these accidents, everyone got to walk away. Crush-zones, seat belts, air bags and decent frame design are at least helping people shrug off accidents that probably would have crippled someone thirty years ago.

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