Books in the Queue

Charles Stross, Accelerando (SF, short stories glued into a passable novel)
Jim Rogers, Adventure Capitalist (travelogue, financial musings, also wrote the excellent, if dated, Investment Biker)
Hope Mirrlees, Lud on the Mist (fantasy)
Ian MacDonald, River of Gods (SF)
Liam Callanan, The Cloud Atlas (WWII fiction set in the Pacific Northwest)
Peter Hessler, River Town (memoir of two years in China)
David Gerrod, Child of Earth (SF)
Lucius Shepard, Two Trains Running (weird mix of fantasy and real life American train adventure)
David Vann, A Mile Down (high seas construction memoir)
Barbara Ravage, Burn Unit (history of modern burn treatment)
Murray Leinster, A Logic Named Joe (collection including The Pirates of Zan, Gateway to Elsewhere, The Duplicators, and short stories)
Michael Lewis, Liar’s Poker (late 80s Wall Street finance)
Spike Walker, Working on the Edge (Alaskan crab fishing adventures)

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