lambda lambada

Ahhh, Lambda the Ultimate. Link. Enter the functional programming fray.

I’ll probably never ship a product in a truly dynamic, functional language. Not until “C%*++” comes along, twenty years from now, which will have 80% of what’s in Common LISP, and whoever cobbles that together will put his foot on the dragon and declare victory.

[“Putting your foot on the dragon” comes from a scene in the film Dragonslayer: After incredible heroics on the part of the main characters to kill the dragon, some a–hole of a knight rides in, chases everyone away, then puts his foot on the dragon’s neck, raises his sword, and has his page snap a medieval photo, flashpop with oil-paint or something, saying in effect, “I did this, and I’ve got a sword to prove it.”]

I’ve been reading some papers from the early 80s on various implementations of LISP, e.g., on the Alto. Interesting stuff that we could takes some lessons from, in the post Moore’s-Law world of cycle counting for fun and profit.

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