Eckel on O-O design

Bruce Eckel muses about O-O design. Link.

“If Rational is supposed to teach us how to create good software, how come Rose is such a bad piece of software.” Yeah.

(from Artima developer. Thanks, Raoul).

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  1. Roadcarvin says:

    You should see the POS I’m working on. Chock-full of every OOP buzzword, stuffed to the gills with all the goodness of patterns, and yet: hard to modify (brittle), unreliable, and extremely low-performance software. I’m ashamed to have my name on it. (FWIW, I was not the ‘architect’ so I’m just along for the ride.)

    Run, do not walk, to the nearest web browser, and view this stuff (by MSoft-ian Rico Mariani)

    Rico’s stuff on ‘oopaholic’ design is a thing to behold. This video in particular is not to be missed: