Contextual, well, context

Let’s just say that working on “abs” and “apps” has a completely different meaning when you’re talking about an 8 month old boy.

Okay, he *is* heavy. But it’s fun to hear him start to babble, a little like the “ab ba pa ka te ya we wa” stuff in Snow Crash.

Last night, the up-arrow key on my wife’s Dell laptop popped off. From several incidents with the cat I’ve achieved mastery of reinstalling the ordinary size keys on these keyboards (tools: tweezers, magnifying glass, lots of patience), but the smaller arrow key nearly vanquished me. First, the fiddly little plastic bits are way smaller than the nail on my pinky, and they have little plastic nubs that have to fit just so. Second, the fiddly bits are themselves springs, and as you pry them into place with the tweezers they have a tendency to leap, flea-like, literally yards onto the similarly-colored carpet, perilously close to the cat. Finally, there is no documentation, no figures to help you out, you just have to try a bunch of orientations until things fit.

Sproing! No, that is not a bug. Please don’t eat it…

Most irritating thing: That an expensive (okay, not that expensive) laptop can be brought to its knees by a fiddly plastic thing whose production cost is probably less than a penny.

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