Woe to Hehoo

Woe to he who

  • Checks in code without stepping through it first. Two demerits.
  • Lies about the error return values of a function. One demerit.
  • Thinks that -1 is a pretty good value to return if something fails. Four demerits and two lashes.
  • Does not check for null after a memory allocation. Five demerits and public humiliation at the stocks.
  • Neglects to free all temporary memory. Four demerits.
  • While stepping through a routine, ignores other found bugs. Two demerits and loss of lunchroom privileges (he will spend lunch stepping through more code).
  • Use of sscanf: Ten lashes and the stocks for three days.
  • Re-writes strcpy or wcslen or something like that because “I don’t trust them.” Summary hanging.

It’s been one of those weeks.

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