Another Scholarly Work

A Security Analysis of the SAURON Command and Control System


In this paper we describe an effective attack against SAURON, a distributed, heirarchical command-and-control system with unique user interface features. Given access to a master key, a procedure is described that allows complete destruction of the entire system. No special skills are required by the attacker, and N is extraordinarily small (complexity is in single digits, possibly unity). In view of these weaknesses we describe physical and logical countermeasures that should dramatically increase the strength of the system, and we also comment on the unusual decisions made in the design of physical key containers themselves.

Keywords: SAURON, Mordor, One Ring, Fellowship, Volcano, Thermal Dissolution, Goddamn Stinking Elves Again, Hobbitses, Who Ordered The Damned Thing With Invisibility?!?

Authors: Elron, G. Grey, Baggins, et al.

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