Self Lash Devotion

I was talking with a cow-orker earlier today, and somehow we got onto the subject of self-flagellation. You know, the “Here’s my new code, it sucks, I suck, I should be beaten, you’ll be lucky if it even builds, but anyway here’s my new stuff and maybe you could do better … fire me if I screwed up” kind of comments about my recent work. Computers have an awesome, untiring demand for accuracy and completeness, and years of facing those fires has made me a tad bit too critical about my ability to program. I’m sure it’s tiresome. I’m better than I say I am.

At any rate, the challenge was put forth: Find alternate names for the lash, on the net, without running into any pron. Best not to do this kind of research at work 🙂 .

This was actually pretty easy, and I was surprised that I didn’t run into anything nasty or unexpected [I’ve found that you usually have to go looking for trouble on the net]. I found this bit on Flogging in History, and quite a few other sources as well. Some obligatory descriptions of the flogging of Jesus. The practice was thought to be a cure for the plague, helped your complexion, and could generally be beneficial. It’s things like this that makes me wonder how we had any ancestors who managed to live.

One thing I didn’t know was that the earlist dated printed engraving is a German print dated 1446, “The Flagellation.”

I got too distracted to actually write down any new synonyms for the lash… :-/

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