"This product doesn't do s—"

The craziness of modern product liability warnings.

Safety Warning. Not for use as a stroller. May contain parts. Manufactured in a facility where one or more of the following may be present: Peanuts, almonds, unfiltered water, oxygen, ultaviolet and infrared radiation, sunlight. Use only as directed by your legal counsel. Do not use during earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding or presidential election years. Use of handles may promote RSI, see your doctor or therapist before opening. May be flammable when exposed to open flame. Not for use as a stepping stool or adult seat. May cause injury if dropped from a height. Does not enable user to fly. Do not eat. Use inside a nuclear power facility voids warranty.

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  1. Chris says:

    As a new parent, you’ve no doubt discovered that children’s products have particularly insane disclaimers. My daughter loved her ExerSaucer (http://tinyurl.com/69sop) which had the following warnings printed on the side:

    – Product does not float. Do not use in pool
    – Do not use as a sled.

    This was a few years ago. I’m sure by now there’s an admonition not to tie it to a car and drive on the freeway.