More hard-won knowledge

More stuff I learned the hard way:

  • You can fit 240K of code in 192K of ROM if you swear at it long enough.
  • Programmer productivity isn’t the problem. Programmer motivation is the problem. The right impetus will have someone writing a compiler “over the weekend.” Get it wrong, and they won’t be able to code a for loop without five bugs.
  • 90% of C++ programming is memory management. The other 10% is memory management.
  • A stupid policy with a fast algorithm is still a stupid policy.
  • A fast disk is worth a couple hundred megahertz of CPU.
  • When they defer your salary, even for a week, it’s time to go.
  • Most of the code you find in books is wrong. [Don’t get me started on Petzold]. [Or Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs … for different reasons than Petzold].
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