Good Asimov issue

The November issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine is a double issue with at least three of my favorite authors (Kage Baker with another Company short story, Charles Stross with another piece of Accelerando, and Michael Swanick with a really good short story set in the same world as The Iron Dragon’s Daughter). The December issue is also supposed to be a double issue. I’m quite impressed with the stories.

I’m nearly done with Minister Faust’s Coyote Kings, etc. and all I can say is, definitely read this book. There are some frustrating chapters where the author uses syllablism to get his characters’ voices across (speaking like “Ahm tahkin’ wit a drawl, si?”), but nothing as bad or as long as what’s in Ian Banks’ Feersum Endjinn). It’s alternately scary, funny and thought-provoking, and I highly recommend it.

[I’ve had a couple folks wonder how many books I read at once; the answer is that I don’t really know. Dozens, probably. It’s easy for something like Stephenson’s latest doorstop to get preempted by more interesting books for a year or so, whereupon I’ll pick it up and finish it. Very soon, probably next Tuesday, I’ll be two books behind in that series, which sucks.]

Other than that, I’ve been alternately running around doing errands, filling in “baby stuff,” doing cleaning and housework, and trying to sleep. I know there are single parents out there who have done this — this is not easy even with two parents, a set of grandparents and a cooperative cat (“Mreoww?” means “Scratch my ears, hear me purr, and you’ll feel better.”)

Hugs and purrs get you through this. And every day is different. Neato.

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