Plan for the day

1. Get a cup of really good coffee, and a good technical book or two I should have read a while back. The question is: Something applicable or something theoretic, or both? Basically comes down to a choice between reading about web circuses [registry entries and XML files and bears, sigh] or finishing that book on artificial intelligence.

2. Reinstall Windows XP on my system at work. Really don’t ask. [I did all the backups last night]

3. Reinstall everything else. Do this all day long. [On second thought, reading about web circuses is more than I can take today. AI or maybe security…]

4. Come home to a great crock-pot dinner of Curry Stew and rice (yum).

5. Watch Tivo’d programming with the wife. Lots of good stuff stacked up after the Olympics.

“No wonder the third world hates us.”

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