Cheap entertainment

Man, is this a security hole. Plug in some number, like 804846. Yes, Rajeev Walavalkar moved from Maryland to Arizona in early August. He owns a Toyota Camry. I imagine that you could plug other form names into the query and get even more interesting results. Sheesh. Even a little validation (a phone number, a zip code, some encoding of the shipping ID?). Call their main number and you can human-engineer them until the cows come home. Which is useful, because their service is pretty miserable.

These shippers are idiots for other reasons, reasons that I won’t get into at the moment. Let’s just say, it’s more satisfying to battle Evil. Evil knows that it’s doing wrong, Evil is smart, Evil is an honorable opponent. But what can you say about battling idiots?

“I slew two dragons today, honey.”
“That’s nice, dear.”


“Phew! I slew fifty morons today, and chipped my sword.”
“You shouldn’t use your good weaponry on those thick skulls, dear.”

More on these turkeys later. Once my blood pressure goes down.

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