“Buy you another?”

“Uh, I was jus’ drinking along. Alone. Um, sure.”

“Do I recognize you from work?”

“You work for Diebond?”

“Yeah. I’m a developer in the voting machine group.”

“Wow, me, too. What division?”


“I’m with the Dems.”


“It’s funny, how after we got all our kinks into the software…”

“We had to unkink them. Yeah. That check you guys made for Kerry was pretty clever.”

“Thanks. Took about a week to figure out how to swing the count, but not too far.”

“Then you had to compensate for our vote tweaks.”

“Drove Q/A nuts for a while.”



“And those poor independents.”


“Imagine one of them voting for Nader or someone, only to have the machine correct their vote and–”

“Say, how’d you guys nudge Bush when folks were voting a split ticket?”

“Wellll, you can’t be too obvious about diddling with the Kerry quotient, so we do a little sniping and bump the independents slightly.”

How slightly?”

“Er, one or two percent. We figured they’d find it kind of fun.”

“But our adjuster module will see that kind of spike and–”

“And, when that hits the server in the Right Wing Wackos group, it’s gonna–”

“Uh oh. We’ve got to get back to work.”

“Damn right. Call a cab?”

“It could be Nader. Or a Green. Jesus.”

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