A review of the Sony EBR-1000 Librie. It looks pretty grim.

A primer on ice hockey (Kuro5hin). Okay, I think I finally understand icing and offsides.

Court transcripts of the Lynne Stewart case. [I’m not making judgements either way, but the transcripts are fun read. Well, it beats reading OCAP standards….]

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  1. Steve says:

    A few corrections & clarifications:

    Icing: this is an allowed play when a team is killing a penalty. When playing even-strength, a team can negate an icing call against themselves by beating the other team to touching the puck (rare, but it does happen).

    Two line pass: a more accurate definition is that the defenseman cannot pass the puck from inside his own defensive zone to another player on the other side of the center red line. Passing across the center red line and across the far blue line is legal, but unusual because the puck has to cross that blue line first (or it’s offsides) and it can’t go all the way to the goal line (or it’s icing).

    Penalties: minor penalties expire early if the team with the advantage scores. Other penalties are served in their entirety.

    Forecheck strategy: personally, I wouldn’t call the trap a forecheck. Forechecking is the act of pressuring the defense before they get out of their own zone and into neutral ice.