Searches, oh we get searches

I was viewing some of FYYFF’s site statistics. I don’t get that many hits (maybe 50 a day are real people, and for all I know only a couple of my friends ever read this stuff). What was interesting was the searches that my pages matched. Basically, most people are pretty normal … but some of you are really sick.

First we have some pretty tame hits:

dsl hell
pacbell dsl tech phone number
nucore steel
free banana bread recipe
dungeon siege keyboard commands

I haven’t had DSL in years, but apparently things remain pretty hellish; the “DSL Hell” piece I wrote four+ years ago is still getting lots of hits. I wrote a piece on Richard Preston’s American Steel, which described NuCore Steel’s start-up mill in the midwest, in the mid 80s (I took the hard work and impossible technology as an analog of the project I was working on at Apple). There’s a killer ‘nanna bread recipe buried here somewhere. Etc.

Following those are some pretty understandable things, maybe a little specialized, but nothing to be ashamed of:

why programmers dont have girlfriends
how much do computer engineers get paid
phone interview questions software engineer
robert jordan wheel of time
rapid beeping computer

1) I do know geeks with girlfriends. 2) Whatever they’re worth. 3) Hey, phone screening can be fun, as long as neither party is a moron. 4) Someone needs to take Robert Jordan’s word processor away. 5) I don’t know, try re-seating some RAM chips, or getting the cat’s butt off the keyboard.

Then … there are the weird ones (these are the tamer examples):

meat thud
thwock fume
flogging of jesus
i left my job why
inventing a new toilet
internet toilet
strippers to prostitutes
penis enlarging spells
lost down my toilet

I dunno, but some of you are disturbed.

Sigh. Welcome to the Internet, land of $$$FREE$$$ Jesus-flogging, toilet-enlarging spells. Remember, in the 50s, when TeeVee was going to be the Great Educator, obsoleting classrooms and freeing up teachers to a life of gainful employment as Asteroid Express flight attendants?

Uh huh.

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  1. Jack P. says:

    Hey, great post! (In fact all your posts have been very enjoyable recently!)