Not an Asus fan

Dear Asus,

Please put less shitty chipset fans on your rather expensive motherboards. It’d be nice if these things lasted more than about a year.

/signed/ a customer who was replacing a shrieking fan at 5AM this morning, bodging in a 40mm fan in place of your 38mm fan made of unobtanium, using hot glue, tin snips, something to melt plastic, and a liberal supply of invective

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2 Responses to Not an Asus fan

  1. Theodore says:

    Those rotating fuckers stop at random times. Don’t throw the fan. It will be operational sometimes in the future.

  2. Patrick says:

    I’ve been having problems with my asus laptop, ranging from the bluray not reading to the keyboard not responding, I’m very disapointed with them. And only two years after purchase.

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