Fresh Oz

New Ozric Tentacles! (yay)


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3 Responses to Fresh Oz

  1. jason says:

    Yes! Omg you are the only person I know if that is similarly excited about this album. I have been a fan of OT for 2+ decades, and now a very happy man.

  2. Doug says:

    Wow. I had no idea. This album is the shit. Thank you for sharing it. New fan.

  3. Tik says:

    Everything ok? Heard of Ozric now for the first time, I believe there is tons of quality music I did not hear about. I’m listening everything from classical to hard rock, including pre 1940’s, all of jazzmeans from old-old to progressive jazz, progressive rock, even some old arabic singers when I want to remember a friend of mine from Syria. I would be curious about what you like most.

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