Holy crap.


I think . . . they rather missed the point.

I’m surprised that only 14 percent of Zappos employees quit. Just wow. Rotating Christ on ball-bearing roller skates wow. This constitution thing is kind of awesome, in its own sickening and twisted way. I’ll bet it’s about as much fun to work in this structure as it is to get a root canal in North Korea.

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4 Responses to Zap

  1. TRX says:

    Errum. That looks amazingly similar to Scientologist “tech.”

    The scary thing is, it’s probably not the worst whack-a-doodle “management consulting” I’ve come across…

  2. Julian F says:

    Hi Landon,
    Thanks for the post and the link. I’ll be honest, my eyes started glazing over at about 2.1 of that Holacracy constitution document.
    Here’s a pretty decent article around Zappo’s and Holacracy that I hope you enjoy.

    Julian F

  3. MikeA says:

    Thanks for the link, Julian. Sounds like holacracy is in fact “Agile” writ large. Just as Agile is nowadays mostly an excuse for non-stop “sprints” and orgies of public shaming, holacracy seems to be a great enabler for (unofficial) dominance by the loudest sociopath in one’s “circle”. Having seen how that works out, from student housing co-ops to groups within Fortune 100 companies, I would definitely have been one of the 14%.

  4. Kate Spade says:

    The irony is the system is advertised as “freedom from micromanagement” — yet it seems to be optimized for the person in the group who loves to micromanage via exacting and inflexible process minutiae, and is hell on everyone else at the expense of getting actual work done.

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