And we’re back

Nothing like a good random savaging from your $hostingProvider. Sorry about that. It’s been a week of downtime because the tools that $hostingProvider has for diagnosing problems are about as useful as a stack of moldy Ouija boards. Logs? Oh you can ask for logs, but they will not come. Forum quality on $hostingProvider ranges from “Cargo Cult” nonsense to “plz hlp” because it’s a cheap-ass neighborhood.

Me to support: “Site down. Apache looks utterly dead. Logs? WTF.”

Support: “Huh. Lots of stuff wrong, too much to describe, really, and we’re throttling traffic to that server because there are too many people on it. Why are you on that old server anyway?”

Me: “What?”

Support: “No problem, we’ll just move your site. Oh, wait. You have to delete all your old databases first.”

Me: “What?”

Support: “Bye now. Merry Christmas.”

Took another call to support to get Apache high enough to crash. Actually the support folks are pretty good, it’s the policies and configurations they’re called on to support that are, shall we say, legacy. It says so, right there.

Another call or two to have them repair permissions. On stuff. No word on what actually changed or what permissions they had to fix, just, um, you know . . . stuff that needed permissions changing. Oh yes, all this time, the entire time the site was down, the little status widget in the corner of my site’s administration page was cheerfully reassuring me that the site was 100% up and functional (while right next to that, a site preview page was declaring HORRIBLE ERROR and APACHE CATASTROPHE). Yay for modern technology.

So, I mucked with crap for a week, twisting knobs and pushing buttons and waiting for random pieces of web UI to agree with each other. Honestly, half of this time was looking at how to run the hell away from $hostingProvider by moving a few domains experimentally and discovering the roadblocks that $hostingProvider decided were necessary to prevent customer flight, go figure. Finally got things in order, restored the database, restored it again because $hostingProvider, and things seem to be working now. Hi there.

$hostingProvider will soon be an ex hosting provider. I’ve already moved a couple of domains, this one is next. It’s fun.

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4 Responses to And we’re back

  1. HC says:

    Sounds like my week, only mine was hardware related. Computer died on the 24th. Best wishes for a fantastic 1st week of the year.

    Almost forgot: I enjoy your rants.

  2. Andrew says:

    I’m curious who $hostingProvider is and who you switched to. Willing to divulge?

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