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I just got done being a juror on a very short two-day trial (about as short as they come). This was a criminal case that wasn’t even close. We reached our decision in about 30 seconds, spent ten or fifteen minutes tossing the evidence around and being absolutely sure, and then we sent a guy to jail for a while.

Words of advice:

  • If you have been arrested and are being video taped by the police, shut the fuck up until you have legal representation. Realio trulio honest to God just shut your damned pie-hole and be quiet. What the guy said on camera wasn’t a key piece of evidence, but it sure didn’t help.
  • Meatloaf may turn up in unexpected places. If you’re ever up to something sketchy and a small voice in your brain is trying to say, “Hey, rest of my brain, you might want to reconsider this thing you’re about to do because it’s against the law and also kind of fucked up, too,” you should listen. Because: Meatloaf.

I’ll leave you with that little mystery and I’m never going to explain it.


I got a second call from “Microsoft Support” this evening and it was another lost opportunity because my dinner was ready and frankly I wasn’t in the mood to troll the scammer after battling the Forces of Criminal Idiocy earlier. “Sir, your license to run Windows has been revoked because of viruses and we must check your registry.” / “Oh no! This sounds serious. We’d better do something about it!” Then the microwave beeped and I lost heart. I told the scammer to get an honest job and stop being a crook and hung up.

Any other day and it would have been epic, though.

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  1. Larry Fransson says:

    I hope you get a “support” call at a more convenient time one of these days. I’d love to read the report on it. I got one of those calls last Friday and trolled him for 20 minutes. Then all of my cable services went dead for several minutes. Freaked me out a bit although I can’t imagine how some dude on a bad phone connection half a world away could have anything to do with that. Just a really weird coincidence. I think.

  2. I have fun trolling those fake tech support crooks when they call me, then writing about it. The last guy who called me told me his name was Daniel. I said hello and told him my name was Naim. Another time, someone told me my computer was alerting their servers and the alerts were silent and invisible. So then I asked him about packet captures. When he said he hadn’t heard of them, I told him if he wanted to progress beyond a helpdesk, he ought to learn what those are.

    Another time when they called, I fired up a PC I bought from a thrift store. Its network card wasn’t working. They were completely clueless on how to fix it, but after they quit yapping and hung up with me, it took me less than two minutes to fix.

  3. MikeA says:

    Looks like a good time to mention lawcomic.net
    Apologies in advance for the week or more of
    having to pry yourself away from trying to
    binge-read-catchup, but he just finished an
    epic section on Self Incrimination.

    Or if you just want to laugh about lawyers, there’s
    loweringthebar.net where the lead story as I type
    this is a link to John Oliver’s Civil Forfeiture show,
    and the next item down is priceless.

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