Friday night, emptying out the week’s decent programming from the Tivo. Getting late. Tired. It’s been . . . a week.

“What next?”


“How about Enterprise?”


“It’s okay. If you fall asleep, you don’t like it that much anymore anyway, so it’s all right.”

It’s true. The first year or so of Enterprise ranged from merely okay to pretty bad. This season has been . . . pretty bad. I’ve always had a problem with the “boob” factor and the stupid physics. Everyone speaks english and basically looks humanoid. The recycled plots are hackneyed and often embarrassingly bad. Right now they’re doing a gothic Dracula mansion ripoff, complete with Mysterious Handsome Alien Guy. Oh, please.

There’s a puppy on board, and it hasn’t saved the Enterprise even once. I’m hoping it will get the chance, before the series has its final antimatter implosion.

And does it bug anyone else that the cut-scenes in the introduction are out of chronological order? We see something like: Balloons, airplanes, space shuttle, then Apollo mission. Arghh.

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