Breathing life into Diablo III

I logged onto Diablo III tonight for a few minutes, and lo! there was an old friend playing it as well. I’d spent a few hours leveling a new character.

I have to say that the game play is much improved. It’s actually fun now. It feels like someone from the Borderlands team came in and whupped some ass.

I also have to say that the plot and writing remain terrible. I would probably pay for different dialog; could someone do Bad Lip Reading for D3, please?

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  1. Dennis says:

    Same here — I had played a ton of D3 the first year it was out, almost zero the second year. But after the latest patch, I’m back to playing it a ton again. It feels fun, like D2 did back in it’s day.

    I was able to spend a few hours getting one of my characters up to level 60 and I managed to have enough good drops that it’s now my best character, beating out a character with at least 4 times as much playing hours behind it and hand picked best items from the auction house.

    Looking forward to next week’s expansion set release now — can’t wait!

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