Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

I’m pleasantly surprised. After the train-wreck that was Assassin’s Creed III (and I heard that AC Brotherhood was about as much fun as a sucking chest wound), about two hours into the fourth one (pirates!) I’m happy to say that the fourth iteration doesn’t suck.

AC I – Okay, but grindy and mostly the same after the first few hours.

AC II – I played the hell out of this.

AC Brotherhood – Stay away.

AC III – I wish I had never played it.

AC IV, Black Flag – Looks promising. The controls are a bit sensitive — I find myself leaping onto crates and climbing walls when I want to stealth — but on the whole it’s fun.


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  1. Brotherhood is one of the good ones – it’s Revelations (between Brotherhood and III) that can be skipped, IMO.

  2. AC Brotherhood was pretty decent; but I am biased due to them introducing the multiplayer on that title, which I LOVE, because it is one of the few multiplayer games that TRUELY rewards patience.

    ACIII I thought was really, REALLY bad when I started it, then it switched to the real main character and I liked it considerably more. The biggest problem with it is it felt like I was in a tutorial the WHOLE time. I really enjoyed the map design; the lack of tall buidings was a let down but they fixed that with tall trees. The open areas between the towns ended up being my favorite areas in the game. I also liked that there were seasons in the game, with snowfall.

    Black Flag is awesome in a different way than the other AC games. I love the Abstergo Games company concept; there’s a lot of industry in-jokes and there’s documentation that when read between the lines basically says: “We like pirates so we made AC into a pirate game. Deal with it!” Multiplayer is honed to a razor edge on this one, best incarnation of it IMHO.

    I never played Revelations.

  3. Ewan says:

    Curious if you’ve ever tried Dishonored. It’s the first stealth game I’ve actually enjoyed, because whilst I enjoy stealth games, I’m generally terrible at them and end up getting killed a lot. Dishonored’s strengths lie in the fact that if you get caught, you’re strong enough to be able to murder everyone’s face off. It also has a very compelling story and in-game universe. Might turn up in this year’s Steam sale.

  4. Gera says:

    Are you serious? To me it was like:
    AC I: Ok, if a bit repetitive.
    AC II: Mostly an improvement, but still not that great, really.
    AC Brotherhood: Kind of an AC II DLC? Not bad but still not that good.
    AC Revelations: Kind of another AC II DLC…? Some nice new stuff, some stupid new stuff.
    AC III: Amazing. Some flaws here and there, but otherwise absolutely amazing.
    AC IV: Haven’t played it yet, but I’ve got high hopes.

  5. James Essmiller says:

    Brotherhood is probably my favorite! Although it was also my first, so maybe I’m biased. But as for the others:

    AC 1 – Ok? I didn’t like how repetitive it was. The game play was good for about the first half, but then just started feeling like a chore.
    AC 2 – An improvement, but doesn’t fix the repetition.
    AC Brotherhood – Maybe I really like Rome, or maybe I really like the system to call on other assasins, or maybe it was freeing the city from the Borgia. I’m not really sure, but I do like having one big area instead of a bunch of small ones like in the first two.
    AC Revelations – I enjoyed it, but it has a fair amout of problems. Things like the bomb system and that weird tower defense thing are really bad, but I liked the hook blade and the integration with Altier. Another single big city (with one pretty cool exception), which is a plus, but way too short. Still better than the first two.
    AC 3 – It was well done, but not really my thing. I wasn’t a huge fan of how the plot made me think about what I was doing. But still fun.
    AC 4 – Really well done. A metric ton of gameplay with an engaging plot to match. The number of collectables is a bit extreme, even for AC standards, but I can see how there are some who want an excuse to keep playing it. Controls could be a little wonkey though, it seems like the game would really prefer me to do something interesting like jump off a boat or onto a lift than actually just walk around.

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