Dear SOAP,

Please drop dead.


/s/ an engineer frustrated with over-designed, under-implemented and uselessly complex, bloated and generally fucked-up “standards”


SOAP replies

Dear Dadhacker,

I’m here to stay. Suck it.



Dadhacker’s response

Dear SOAP,

My name is Dadhacker. You killed my whole day. Prepare to die.


/s/ Your Nemesis

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5 Responses to Dear SOAP

  1. LazerFX says:

    Dear Soap,

    Go take a REST, you need it.


    /L/, who has seen the light.

  2. Xelous says:

    I’m expecting a drive by JSon’ing any moment.

  3. Lee says:

    This makes me smile 🙂

    I had to interface with Akamai’s API in 2009 and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to circumnavigate their custom type “list of string” in suds. I gave up and used a Java lib.

  4. bronson says:

    For anybody who hasn’t seen The S Stands for Simple:

    What on earth still uses soap? I haven’t had to touch that mess since 2011.

  5. Ekim Yrruc says:

    Give SOAP a REST with JSON.

    There. I just drove by.

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