I just finished AntiChamber. I liked it.

It will mess with your head, a lot. A few of the puzzles require careful timing (ugh), and one puzzle towards the end was not obvious at all, but on the whole I liked the way it played merry hell with your sense of space.

I did feel slightly nauseous early on, but got over it. Nowhere near as bad as Descent.

Do NOT play this while reading House of Leaves. Just don’t.


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2 Responses to AntiChamber

  1. Pavel says:

    Is it significantly different enough from Portal? Because, aside from the non-Euclidean red/blue part in the very beginning, my first thought was portal. The signs, the gun, etc.

    • landon says:

      Not a Portal rehash. It’s about half non-Euclidian stuff and about half puzzling out what you need to do with the various guns. The clever principles get a little tired toward the end of the game, but there were still a few “holy cow” moments that made it worth it for me.

      The “twitch” puzzles are irritating, requiring split-second timing. There are probably ways around them that don’t require timing (perhaps careful placement of blocks?) but I didn’t discover them.

      It ain’t Portal in a cultural sense either. There aren’t any “cake” moments, nor does Jonathan Coulton perform at the end. We’re not going to see any cosplay (well, we might, but it will be /sad/). The environment has all the charm and wit of a geometry exam crossed with a museum of modern architecture, and I don’t think a sequel would work.

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