virtual chikken


My son is (a) spawning hundreds of chickens, and (b) using a machine made of pistons and some other gadgets to squish them into oblivion. It’s Minecraft, of course. From Alpha to Omega, from squark to squawk, these are Minecraft-mediated virtual particles. Made of chicken.


In my own youth it was pulling legs off bugs and charring them with a magnifying glass. Ant hills were targets of opportunity. Today this mayhem is an online multiplayer event.


 “Whahoo! Yay!” chicken3 “I’m a chicken!”

==> [X] chicken3  [X] <==


We live in the future.

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3 Responses to virtual chikken

  1. Barton says:

    Four words:

    Magnifying glass. Bag worm.

  2. FeepingCreature says:

    Oh Minecraft. Reinventing factory farming, one map at a time…

  3. There are worse things. My son loves blowing up villages (in Minecraft). While the villagers are still *in* said village.

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