TouchStream report

A week into using the TouchStream keyboard, I have to report –


– i can’t type on any keyboard effectively now (so it must be working)

– i definitely notice the strain going back to a regular keyboard

– the mouse / click / scroll gestures are way cool


– my typing rate is still about a quarter or a third of normal

– typing code and using Emacs, which use many more shift/control/etc. combinations, is slow; the error rate is quite high, and I undo a lot of mistakes. I can type english without much frustration, but typing code requires a lot of concentation

It’s going to work out eventually, but it’ll probably take a full month or so to be totally comfortable with it.

There appear to be “ghost” gestures which randomly turn on the numeric keypad. I’ll go for “K” and suddenly it’ll be “3”. I haven’t figured out why this is happening yet.

There is a gesture editor, and I’d love to start rebinding gestures (e.g., stick control on pinky+ring+middle of either hand, that’d be great). But the UI is not obvious, and I should probably just learn the keyboard before I try anything fancy.

More next week…

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