Wham smash pow

Kirkus Reviews on E. E. “Doc” Smith, here.

Doc Smith used to be my go-to guy when I wanted to retreat from the world and read some good old fashioned planet bashing. It’s hard to beat the thrill of a little vacuum-tube-based super science vaporizing the home world of a whole race of Bad People.

These days I read Vernor Vinge and Charles Stross for that. Smith was never strong on character development.

But God knows, we could sure use some lensmen.

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  1. Because of the convoluted copyright law of that era, a lot of E.E. Smith’s works have entered the public domain and can be downloaded from Gutenberg at http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/search/?query=E.+E.+Smith

  2. I liked Pratchett in pre youtube world. But these days I notice more and more, reality is far more awesome than imagination,

    it has kitties

    it has cold fusion

    it has plants that grow when planted wrong side up

    it has people dancing silly all over the world

    it has cured cancer and t2 diabetes by not messing up own bodies with crap

    Not that the imagination is wrong thing.. but things seem to work better when you don’t push them with own ideas, but let them happen and enjoy riding the reality. I feel the only thing that really matters is maintaining chain of consent and heart-to-heart connections with self, family and others and love. Being open to new stuff too, since we all are known to be lost in our thoughts, ( which i kinda struggle with after years in the puters, for wrong reasons on top of that :/ tho im happy to be out, each day i feel more and think less – looking at stars at night rule 🙂 ) Its a long process, but i feel its worth it 🙂

    “There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable. It would mean that the atom would have to be shattered at will. ”
    Albert Einstein, 1932

  3. bill says:

    If you have any pull with Mr. Stross, please ask him to include a who’s who list for the Merchant Prince series. I love the plotting, but hate having to remember who this guy married four generations ago and who the bastard child of that one is. A plot summary would be helpful too (ie, the story up till now….)

    • landon says:

      @Bill: Charles Stross doesn’t know me from Adam; I don’t have any pull. You’d think there’d be a wiki about it, though.

      I usually quit a series when I start having to keep notes. The Merchant Prince books were okay. I flamed out in others, notably Robert Jordan’s Treadmill of Time, and the Game of Thrones doorstops (which I think are really worth reading, but I don’t have time).

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